Citrapolis – Citra Hopped IPA

The epitome of beer fusion.  This “Super” Citra hopped IPA borrows characteristics from other American Craft Beer styles including, APA (drinkability) and Double IPA (aroma).  We blend Pale, Munich, and Wheat malts to give a bright golden color, and utilize a hard working American yeast strain to fully express the exploding citrus characteristics of the Citra hop variety.  Expect lots of citrus zest and pineapple on the nose, and more of the same in the flavor.  

6.8% ABV

70 IBU


Odinson – Mosaic Hopped IPA

The name Odinson is traced back to Asgaard (Norse Mythology).  Quite literally, it is the surname of Thor  (Thor, son of Odin).  Much like its very close relative Citrapolis, Odinson is an uncharacteristically drinkable, “Super” IPA.  Flavors and aromas include that of crisp peach and papaya, with hints of other bright tropical citrus fruits.  While both dry and crisp, the juicy characteristics of the Mosaic hop variety leave the mouth watering for more.

6.6% ABV

70 IBU


All Black – Black IPA (FALL / WINTER / SPRING)

All Black is our tip of the cap to the fiercest ruggers in the world, the New Zealand Men’s National Rugby team.  We use all New Zealand hops in this one (Pacific Jade, Kohatu, and Wakatu), which provides a nice pine and citrus (lemon, lime) balance to the chocolatey roasty malts on the nose and flavor.  Because Black IPA is sort of a style misnomer (though prevalent in the market place), All Black could also be considered close in style to a “Hoppy Porter” or “Cascadian Dark Ale.”

6.5% ABV

50 IBU


Arkham’s Finest American Stout – (FALL / WINTER)

Arkham’s Finest is “one smooth talkin’ sex machine”.  This collaboration includes our favorite purveyors of coffee and chocolate, Kuva Coffee Roasters and Rick Jordan Chocolatier. The Kuva Peru Chilchos bean has quite a story itself– Kuva is the only company in the USA to have access to this stellar bean from the Amazon.  And, Rick Jordan being one of the only chocolatiers in Saint Louis to actually roast his own kakao, we are guaranteed a truly unique chocolate made exclusively for us.  The feature flavor notes include the depth from the entire chocolate spectrum (from creamy to dark to bittersweet), and earthy coffee roastiness.   

8% ABV

50 IBU


The Heeler – American Pale Ale (FALL / WINTER / SPRING)

Right after Modern Brewery opened, Farmer Bill (who picks up our spent grain), brought a litter of Australian Cattle Dog (aka Heeler) puppies for us to see.  Both Beamer and Ronnie couldn’t resist the temptation of their cuteness, and ended up adopting a brother and sister named Hank and Citra.  We had to make a beer in their honor.      


The Heeler is an American Pale Ale made for drinking with your best 4-legged friend.  It lends big flavor and a nose full of pine and citrus.  Oats are added in the mash tun, and are the key to providing a mouthfeel with silky smooth texture for this balanced but hop forward beer.  

6.5% ABV

55 IBU


Mon Precieux – Belgian Tripel / Golden Strong (LIMITED)

“My Precious,” Gollum’s obsession, is also one of our own.  This cross between a Belgian Tripel and a Belgian Golden Strong has aromatic undertones including those of honey, melon, orange marmalade, and spice.  On the palette, the French Yeast expressions induce fruity esters that lend savory flavors of orange and lemon.  Finally, the faintest touch of sweetness comes through on the back end, while still finishing quickly and dry in quintessential Tripel/Golden strong fashion.  Trust us, you’ll be obsessed with Mon Precieux too.  

7.8% ABV

34 IBU


Clandestine – Belgian Brown – (WINTER / SPRING)

Clandestine is a fusion of two of our favorite styles of Belgian Darks – Belgian Dubbel and Dark Strong.  We wanted to pull the quintessential complex flavors and aromas of both of these styles and blend them into a lower gravity beer (read: lower ABV), just in case you wanted to enjoy more than one.  In Clandestine, you will sense flavors and aromas of figs, raisins, spice and light banana, along with brown sugar, toffee, molasses, cocoa, and fudge.  Despite the dark brown color, Clandestine is remarkably drinkable, has a light to medium body, and is dry yet savory.

6.8% ABV

24 IBU


Ms. Sally – Pilsner – (LIMITED)


4.8% ABV

34 IBU


Dew Brew – American Golden Ale – (DEWEY’S PIZZA & TASTING ROOM ONLY)


5.5% ABV

35 IBU